9-1-1: Lone Star’s Brian Michael Smith Salutes the Show’s Honest Look at Transgender Dating Struggles

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While sparks flew between Owen and also his brand-new girl close friend on Monday’s 9-1-1: Lone Star, not everyone in firehouse 126 was rather so lucky crazy. If you’ve seen the episode, you know we’re describing Paul, whose very first date with a lady considering that moving to Austin ended with a handshake … as well as an apology. (And if you haven’t seen the episode, turn back currently. Spoilers ahead!)

Despite hitting it off with a female he saved from a strip club brawl– a typical meet-cute circumstance in the 9-1-1 world– Paul was initially reluctant to ask her out. As a transgender male, he had quite a bit a lot more to take into consideration than his cisgender colleagues, consisting of whether the things of his affection would even be open to dating a person from the trans neighborhood.

“There’s this idea in some cases from people who haven’t lived the trans experience that’s similar to, ‘You need to tell everybody. You owe it to them,'” actor Brian Michael Smith, who is likewise transgender, tells TVLine. “But the truth is, you don’t recognize how individuals are mosting likely to react. And lots of people do not even have the language to talk about what their trans experience is, or what it could be. People that are trans don’t owe you their whole background right out eviction, just like you wouldn’t stalk somebody and also inform them your medical history. You develop trust.”

Mentioning depend on, it wasn’t up until T.K. confessed to obtaining being discarded by his ex-boyfriend that Paul felt comfy sharing his own insecurities regarding dipping his toe right into the dating swimming pool. Not only was this a massive moment for Paul, however as Smith explains, it speaks with a lack of vulnerability as well as openness in many male relationships.

“It showed that this brotherhood is strengthening and getting more powerful,” Smith says. “They’re having individual talk and also being more at risk and also open, sufficient where Paul really felt secure sufficient to state, ‘This is why I’m frightened.’ He shared his story with men that might not understand his precise experience, however they understand pain as well as being rejected. We as people may have various entrance points to our feeling of member as well as manliness, however we’re undergoing comparable things. We have extra in common than our distinctions would recommend.”

9-1-1: Lone Star Paul did ultimately ask Josie out, resulting in an evening of beers, bowling and also small talk. When Josie suggested they continue points back at her home, Paul stated there was something he had to tell her. We didn’t in fact witness the subsequent conversation, yet when Josie appeared at the firehouse the next day to excuse her reaction, the writing got on the wall surface.

“I sort of like that [we didn’t see Paul and Josie’s initial discussion],” Smith claims. “It left room for the audience to consider it. They’ve invested a lot time strolling in Paul’s footwear, so now they can question what he ‘d say and how she would certainly react. I like that we left it as much as the audience to think of that and to get an understanding of just how difficult that discussion could be for a trans person.”

In spite of discovering Paul “thoughtful, charming and also attractive as hell,” Josie told him, “I guess I’m simply not as progressed as I assumed I was. I’m not an awful individual. I actually simulate you. I simply don’t assume this is something I can surpass. I’m sorry.”

“It’s heartbreaking for him,” Smith says, “however it absolutely shows a truth. I appreciated that [Josie] had the ability to be straightforward concerning her feelings, and that she had the ability to take possession of her bad response. She adhered to her reality, as opposed to making believe that points were amazing, only for the truth to find out in the future. I like that she apologized, except her feelings, but for her reaction. And also despite the fact that romantic component didn’t show, Paul did obtain a better connection with T.K. as well as Carlos. So he struck out in one way, however he won in another.”

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