Ahead of Lindsey Morgan’s Directorial Debut, The 100 Star Reflects on Raven’s ‘Saving Grace’ Over 7 Chaotic Seasons

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While Raven appears to be getting an excellent deal with on the ever-expanding cosmos of The 100, her portrayer’s experience has been somewhat different.

“This show does something various every period, as well as this period is complicated AF,” Lindsey Morgan, that makes her directorial launching with Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) tells TVLine. “As a director, obtaining the tradition right is the most crucial point. I can not get the globe wrong. I discovered myself really examining it, making sure all my T’s were gone across and my I’s were populated. Individuals resemble, ‘Oh, was it much easier since you’ve been on the program? As well as I’m like, ‘No!'”

Morgan likewise appreciated the opportunity to enter the minds of a number of characters with whom Raven doesn’t usually engage. Not only is her episode a remarkable display for Hope as well as Diyoza– freshly reunited in an unusual jail after a decades-long splitting up– but it likewise dives deep right into the harmed psyche of a vacant, heartbroken Echo.

“I approached them the same way I would certainly approach my character,” Morgan claims. “It was really simply me getting to place myself in the shoes of all my cast mates and also thinking exactly how I can assist to elevate or inspire them as actors.” (Revealing additional specifics concerning these personalities’ developments would certainly ruin this unforeseeable hour. Don’t fret, we’ll go deep after it broadcasts.)

The 100 Recap With The 100’s series ending creeping ever before more detailed, Morgan states she can reflect on Raven’s trip with satisfaction. “She’s been with so much, perhaps some of the worst points on the show,”Morgan claims.”She has failed, but she never completely shed her strength. She has actually examined, but she never ever totally shed her belief crazy and also in individuals and in herself. I feel like she was additionally checked in every way you can possibly imagine, yet she never ever lost her heart– as well as I do not assume any individual would certainly condemn her if she had. I always held onto that for Raven. In the end, it’s her conserving elegance.”

The end of a long-running program is constantly an unique experience, but Morgan says her physical farewell to The 100 was especially “unusual” because of the coronavirus pandemic. “It felt like The 100 was permeating into reality,” she says. “It was confusing and weird, yet in true 100 fashion, we maintained going. We brought our A video game and also did the most effective that we could. Because we all had to complete capturing as quickly as feasible in order to go home and quarantine, it was regrettably extremely unceremonious at the end. We really did not have a wrap party, so we really did not have as much time to say goodbye. We weren’t also enabled to hug!”

Unlike hugs, however, tears were not in short supply. “I keep in mind on that particular last day, our ADVERTISEMENT was [announcing everyone’s collection cover], and also it was rips each time. And also we have a massive actors! So there was a lot of weeping, then makeup, then firing once again. It was insane. We made something truly special, and also I boast of that.”

Are you ready to bid farewell to The 100, or do you remain in complete denial? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the long-running CW drama listed below.

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