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The CW has actually employed a Coroner from Canada to fill its coronavirus-impacted routine, with Wednesday’s Stateside best of the imported dramatization.

The series stars Serinda Swan (Graceland, Marvel’s Inhumans) as Jenny Cooper, a former ER doc that takes a job as a coroner three months after her hubby tragically died of an aneurysm– as well as after she saw a mysterious black dog straying near his body. Jenny right away begins to ruffle feathers in her new gig (“I like being a trouble,” she tells Detective McAvoy, played by Dark Matter‘s Roger Cross) when she terminates a conceited pathologist after he ignores her orders.

Jenny also actually respects the victims. She doesn’t believe that the two teen fans who died at an adolescent apprehension center were part of a self-destruction pact. Danielle had the female lead in the facility’s production of Romeo & & Juliet, while her anti-fascist sweetheart Kevin signed up with the bet her. So did they take a sign from their fictional equivalents? When Kevin’s cellmate Sneax practically overdoses, Jenny creeps right into the funeral home to take a sample from a strange injury on Danielle’s heel. With the aid of Dr. Dwayne Allen (Slasher‘s Lovell Adams-Gray), her freshly advertised pathologist who finds medicines in Danielle’s system, as well as Detective McAvoy, the trio reveal the truth: the guards were utilizing the teens at the facility as guinea pigs to find out drug dosage, as well as the wound was from them dragging Danielle’s body to make it resemble self-destruction.

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