Offender Minds’ A.J. Cook Revisits JJ/ Reid Tease (‘I Had So Much Anxiety’), Previews ‘Very Nostalgic’ Series Finale

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The end is expanding ever before better for CBS’ Criminal Minds. And that implies large decisions impend for much of those who have actually called the BAU house right component of a years as well as a fifty percent.

This Wednesday at 10/9c– broadcasting at a later time, leading out of Survivor‘s two-hour season opener– the long-running police procedural serves up its antepenultimate hr, during which not one but two representatives will be met with job decisions to make. JJ Jareau, that recently cheated fatality, is just one of the vets ready to browse a fork in the road.

TVLine invited A.J. Cook to revisit the collection’ recent JJ/Reid love tease, as well as sneak peek this week’s episode and then the collection ending (which is titled “And in the long run” and airs Jan. 19 as the second of 2 episodes).

Criminal Minds JJ Loves Reid TVLINE|To begin, allow’s rewind a little bit. Tell me regarding your response to last period’s finale and exactly how this period opened up, and also the tricky point that you and Matthew had to do, marketing this feasible kip down the partnership while also recognizing who these characters have been.Well, it was a harmonizing act, for certain. I had a lot anxiety concerning the whole point from the start, but I simply trusted in the procedure and I think it worked out actually well. After doing a show for as lengthy as we have, I feel like we somehow made the right to go there, despite the fact that it’s not what we usually do. It was an actually fascinating twist, and it definitely made both of our characters grow in the locations that

they needed to grow. It’s that point of the” underlying crush” or whatever that is, or the intimacy and also relationship between those two and the lines that get mucked up in between, where points required to be stated.
As well as now they’re much better off for it. Occasionally, you have to release something to have it actually return home, so I believe it was truly brave of our authors to do that. TVLINE|I was soothed that there wasn’t a soapy minute where Will hear them speaking about their mutual”love”in the hospital.Yeah. I believe they managed it really well, and also Matthew [Gray Gubler] did a terrific job with his end of it. He and I constantly functioned well with each other, and after that when you toss Josh Stewart, Will, into everything, it simply type of worked out. TVLINE|There was a current minute, after Matt and also Kristy’s baby had actually been born, where JJ detects that Reid had actually just fulfilled someone and she advised him to go associate this new person. You had to play this appearance which kind of thawed from joy to a bit melancholy or nostalgic … and also back to a certain contentment.Nothing is simple. Every little thing’s complicated. There are many emotions entailed when it concerns relationships.

For me, that scene was really the bow that connected it up well, I believe. She enjoys him so much, she wants him to simply be happy– as well as whatever that is, she will certainly support 110 percent similarly he will certainly sustain her. It’s actually this attractive romance in a manner, though not your conventional romance. It’s a love that goes beyond. It’s unconditional. TVLINE|What’s taking place this week in the series’antepenultimate hour? The synopsis checks out, [Drastically]“Prentiss as well as JJ are confronted with crucial choices to make about their futures!”Dun-dun-dunnnn! Yeah, JJ obtains a deal to run a workplace, in New Orleans. In fact, both girls, Prentiss as well as JJ, are faced with large life decisions as much as task as well as career, love and family members. Especially besides of the dramatization as well as chaos with obtaining shot and then the JJ/Reid circumstance, I think JJ is really stepping back and also checking out her life. She’s experimenting with the idea of leaving. TVLINE|I’ve heard that Prentiss shares something that includes one more layer of complexity to JJ’s very own&decision … That’s a truly stunning point, also. I like their partnership and just how much they rely on each other as well as simply that&”womanly toughness”there. It’s a really stunning thing to get to act out and to see on our tv display. TVLINE|Might there be characters past JJ as well as Prentiss that have these kinds of series-ending decisions to make?The response to that is a huge yes. There’s a whole lot. So much to make sure that [ JJ’s] scenario is possibly the least [of worry], because there are various other, really large ones taking place. There are a great deal of large life adjustments going on for the BAU and every person there. TVLINE|Aubrey Plaza crept up on us as well as returned recently, as Cat Adams. Are there any more surprise visitors throughout these last three episodes that we maybe haven’t listened to about?We go into some recalls
, which is a nice callback for all of our super-loyal fans that have existed initially. We’re additionally visiting a great deal of old faces that we assumed were gone. It’s been an enjoyable last season, to type of dig via the old files of Criminal Minds and also pull out the old personalities.

And afterwards likewise there’s this Chameleon that keeps getting away from us and also is making our lives hell. Certainly, we’ll reach see the amazing Michael Mosley once again. So … there’s a great deal. There’s a lot to take place still, and we only have a number of episodes left.

A.J. Cook and also Matthew Gray Gubler in a 2006 episode of Criminal Minds TVLINE|How would you describe the series finale (written by showrunner Erica Messer as well as
cast member Kirsten Vangsness)? It’s very sentimental. For me, it’s a little bit like a yearbook– or, a 15-years-publication. The way to truly put it in perspective is that we all went to kindergarten together, and also currently we’ve graduated high school. It’s like we’re going off to university, and to finish up as ideal you can all the experiences we had in that amount of time is a hard thing to do.

TVLINE | Having seen it, I do not believe it is a spoiler to say that there is a excellent montage of all the yard parties.I know! Rossi’s backyard, all the wedding events, all the post-case celebrations … There’s an actually fantastic family members ambiance, and also I think that’s what we wished to offer our followers. That was our goodbye from our family members to your own, to say, “Thank you for being right here with us.”

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