Ellen DeGeneres Show Exec Producer Shoots Down Cancellation Rumors: ‘Nobody Is Going Off the Air’

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Amid a ballooning behind-the-scenes debate including widespread accusations of a toxic work environment, among The Ellen DeGeneresShow’s officer producers is rejecting reports that the collection gets on the brink of termination.

“Nobody is going off the air,” EP Andy Lassner demanded social media sites Thursday after a follower discussed the cancellation buzz.

Lassner’s comment surfaced simply hours before host Ellen DeGeneres dealt with the accusations of bullying and also persecution on the program’s embeded in a letter to her crew. In the letter, DeGeneres claims she always desired her program to be “a place of joy,” and “I am disappointed to discover that this has actually not held true. As well as for that, I am sorry.” She took place to state that once she found out of the allegations, “we promptly began an inner investigation and also we are taking actions, with each other, to fix the problems.”

Implying that other executives on the show had stopped working to promote her criteria of conduct, she swears: “That will certainly currently alter, and also I’m committed to ensuring this does not occur once again.” (Ellen executive manufacturer Ed Glavin, who is at the facility of several of the accusations, will apparently be let go, according to THR.)

The claims from former as well as existing Ellen employees, outlined in multiple Buzzfeed reports– consisting of one that went down late Thursday, after Lassner’s termination rejection– variety from racist remarks from elderly manufacturers, to staffers being fired for taking time off to go to family members funeral services, to rampant sexual misconduct as well as harassment in the office. DeGeneres wasn’t directly linked in the allegations, but as one previous staff member put it: “If she intends to have her very own show and also have her name on the program title, she needs to be a lot more included to see what’s taking place.”

In a statement following their interior investigation, Warner Bros. claimed, “We have actually recognized numerous staffing modifications, along with ideal actions to address the concerns that have actually been increased, and also are taking the initial steps to apply them.”