Homeland Recap: What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?

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Carrie’s objective of peace in Afghanistan obtained an impolite awakening today on Homeland, thanks to not one however 2 (!) kidnappings.

We get right where we ended, with Carrie gawking at Yevgeny as he leaves the Afghan VP G’ulom’s office. G’ulom describes Yevgeny as well as his intelligence mates as “entrepreneurs,” however Carrie recognizes that’s not real. She attempts to speak G’ulom into walking back his comments regarding launching Taliban detainees, yet he’s a stubborn old mule. When she points out that he’ll have to launch them ultimately if the peace procedure works, he replies: “Or what?” She leaves empty-handed, as well as gets much more dismayed when Saul tells her she can’t go after Yevgeny; they made a resistance manage him to obtain Carrie launched.

She gets a succulent lead, however, when an anonymous informant points her towards a female called Samira, that called out corruption under G’ulom’s watch before her partner was killed by a car bomb– a bomb clearly planned for her. Carrie wishes to know what she knows, so she has Jenna Bragg set up a phony job interview for Samira as a diversion so Carrie can sleuth around Samira’s house. During the interview, Carrie finds a USB drive sewed inside a burqa … yet Jenna flubs her script and also makes Samira questionable. She attempts to leave the meeting after snapping a photo of Jenna’s face, as well as Jenna panics. By the time Carrie arrives, they have Samira locked up in a resort room with a hood over her head. (Kidnapping # 1!)

Carrie plays excellent police, unknoting Samira and eliminating the hood. She shows her the USB drive she found: It has personnel documents left over from Samira’s corruption investigation that clearly link G’ulom. (He’s been scamming the U.S. out of 10s of millions of dollars, taking money for army bases that were never developed.)Carrie intends to utilize this as blackmail to obtain G’ulom to take back his prisoner remarks– yet Samira doesn’t wish to allow the male that killed her other half off the hook. She wants the Americans would just get out of Afghanistan currently and also leave them alone, yet Carrie advises her that without the U.S. there to negotiate tranquility, G’ulom will be also powerful for anyone to unseat. She must’ve persuaded Samira, due to the fact that Carrie takes the data directly to G’ulom, accusing him of taking at the very least a hundred million bucks. G’ulom shrugs: Doesn’t every politician take a little on their own? Carrie thinks his fellow Afghans would certainly eliminate him if they knew, though, as well as he appears to concur: He holds a news conference validating that he’ll launch all Taliban detainees after all. Carrie and her associates commemorate with a drink at a regional bar … where Carrie runs into Yevgeny. She yells at him to avoid her, however he discloses he’s the one that tipped her off regarding Samira. And also, he appears stunned as well as injure that she would certainly be so rude to

him– as she bears in mind asking him not to leave her back because Russian jail. LOOK WHO’S BACK!|Saul obtains a blast from the past when Max informs him he’s picked up sound of Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani.( Remember him as Season 4’s Big Bad?)Based upon the audio, Haqqani in fact wants peace with the Afghan government, so when Haqqani’s 2nd cousin returns house many thanks to a prisoner release, Saul enlists him to obtain a message to Haqqani, reminding him of their common history and welcoming him to fulfill face-to-face. Max alerts him, though, that he’s seeing a lot of Pakistani knowledge activity in the area, and as Haqqani’s convoy brings up to meet Saul, a sniper hits them with a rocket launcher, exploding one auto in a massive fireball. In the disorder that complies with, Saul is recorded and shoved right into an associate a bag over his head. (Kidnapping # 2!) He’s taken to a concealed location, where he locates himself in person with Haqqani. Saul is tickled to see he’s still active … but Haqqani reacts by knocking Saul out cool with the butt of his rifle.

Further Intel:

* Tasneem took a side trip to Pakistan, as well, and met an old pal of Saul’s, who’s now restricted to a wheelchair and also shooting squirrels with a pistol. (Yikes.) She knows Saul remains in Pakistan and attempting to get in touch with Haqqani, as well as his old pal ranted regarding just how the Americans despise them and also their efforts at freedom. Yep, based upon her getting a whole scene right here without Carrie or Saul, I’m persuaded Tasneem will certainly be a significant variable this season.

* We’ve obtained new opening credit scores, people! The footage spans the whole collection, consisting of great deals of Brody and also (sniff) Quinn’s fatality. It likewise includes some alluring peeks of what’s still to come this season, like a scene of Saul madly screaming at a room full of leading armed forces brass.

* Is Jenna just a gigantic screw-up … or is she really a mole functioning to threaten Carrie’s mission from within? (Sorry, it’s Homeland, I need to ask.)

* R.I.P. Wine-Drunk Carrie. At the bar, she ordered a soda water with lime and chuckled that “I’m not as enjoyable as I utilized to be.” As well as wine makers all across the Napa Valley mourned in unison.

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