Legacies Recap: Who Didn’t Survive Kai’s Assault on the Salvatore School?

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Revenge, redemption and also heated discoveries were all on the food selection Thursday as Hope as well as her friends– plus a few reluctant frenemies– combated to protect their institution against Legacies‘ sassiest, most enormous beast yet: Kai Parker.

Masquerading as an old buddy of Alaric’s called Joshua (“I was at his wedding, I brought fairly the present!”), Kai infiltrated the facility with minimal effort, though he did need to oblige somebody to invite him within. (Am I the only person that kinda, sorta neglected he’s a heretic now?)

Under the role of an equivalent “team-up,” he convinced Alyssa Chang (“Big fan of your job!”) to untether him from his prison globe, consequently ruining the realm and every person in it. (He comfortably failed to remember to inform her about that 2nd component. Oops?) He likewise obliged Dorian to drag Landon out right into the timbers, where a crimson-robed archer– most likely The Necromancer– was waiting to fire him keeping that prophetic golden arrow.

And also below’s the twist: While all of this was decreasing, Kai distracted Hope enough time that she just had time to stop one atrocity from taking place, forcing her to pick between conserving Landon or the Saltzmans. She selected (gasp!) the Saltzmans, effectively convincing Alyssa to quit her untethering spell before she cleaned them from presence.

Landon never ever really required his “co-hero” in the very first place! Dorian amazingly (and also rather questionably) snapped out of his hypnotic trance in time to take the arrowhead for Landon, almost passing away in the process. Our little child phoenix az grew an impressive pair of fiery wings as well as flew Dorian back to the college, where he got the life-saving treatment he required.

In other places today …

* After assisting Alaric and Jade rescue Lizzie from her unpleasant little minor car accident, Dark Josie discussed the terms of their departure from the prison world: She might siphon enough magic to produce a portal, but someone would certainly need to stay behind and also act as an anchor. Alaric offered, yet Sebastian appeared at the last minute to take his place. “It’s like I was attempting to tell you the evening you shot me– some individuals do not know what to do with a second chance!” he informed Alaric. “I put Elizabeth at risk. If you desire to thank me, care for her.” (D’aww! Men, I don’t think Landon isn’t the only “new hero” who rose up this week.)

* Via the magic of astral projection, Lizzie told Sebastian that he may be able to run away the jail world by jumping into Malivore, just as Kai did last week. That would certainly have additionally created Lizzie to fail to remember that Sebastian ever before existed, and also because she seemed pretty depressed in the episode’s last moments, my assumption is that he didn’t make it out.

* Speaking of those final minutes, I was honestly relieved to see that the darkness didn’t leave Josie upon her retreat from the jail globe. Not that I do not delight in original-flavor Josie, yet Dark Josie is fun.

* Let’s finish with the most unusual advancement of the week: Kai’s beheading! I mean, it’s not such as the murderous maniac didn’t have it coming– and I’m certainly delighted that Alaric was the one that got to do it, stimulating Jo’s name at the same time– yet I’m simply stunned that they really chose to eliminate him off. (For the document, I recognize this isn’t also the very first time Kai has been beheaded, so there’s constantly an opportunity he’ll appear once more, but that felt … rather final.)

OK, time to offer us your ideas on today’s Legacies. Kai’s fatality? Landon’s wings? Dark Josie? Rafael waking up in that random trailer? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a remark listed below.

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