Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger: Cliffhanger From Part 1 of Finale ‘Broke My Heart’

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If you believed you saw Courtney’s heart sink as Part 1 of DC’s Stargirl‘s period ending ended, know that series celebrity Brec Bassinger’s did too, when she reviewed that distressing scene for the first time.

“Oh, my heart broke!.?.!!” the starlet informs TVLine of Courtney recognizing that Brainwave has taken control of stepdad Pat’s mind and is about to have S.T.R.I.P.E. throw a robot ko strike at Stargirl. “In Episode 11, they finally hugged, so you’re like, ‘Oh yes, they enjoy each other. It’s excellent, it’s grand.’ And afterwards … this takes place!”

As you can imagine, when the face-off resumes partly 2 (streaming Monday on DC Universe as well as airing Tuesday on The CW), things obtain fairly extreme as well as super-emotional as the clock ticks to when the Injustice Society’s mass indoctrination is complete. And as teased in images and as new discount, there are fights ahead for Stargirl, Wild Cat, Hourman et al that are “impressive, for sure,” Bassinger testifies. “I can not claim anything more, however they’re epic.”

When it comes to whether anybody from either side end up permanently down for the count, a coy Bassinger “won’t verify … or reject.” She does disclose that mean girl/wannabe supervillain Cindy, that has actually been secured for also long by her demented daddy, Dr. Ito aka Dragon King, will secure free and “do more of her point” as the blade-happy Shiv. (But to what finish?)