Superordinary Prop Weapons Worked for Legends? Is Tony’s Survivor Time Up? Is Hondo TV’s Worst Beau? And More Qs!

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We’ve obtained concerns, and you’ve (perhaps) got answers! With one more week of TELEVISION passed, we’re lobbing inquiries left and ideal concerning shows consisting of Homeland, Legends of Tomorrow, S.W.A.T. and Will & & Grace!

Magnum PI. ?. !! 1|On Magnum P.I., was Higgins’glossy, smooth blowout a reward (for Perdita Weeks, also? )for undergoing almost the entire April 17 episode with damp, matted hair? 2|On Good Girls, will Beth’s hit man really get the job done? Could the program truly survive without Rio?( Would we want it to?)3|Would certainly Homeland’s Carrie really be able to take a trip so openly after being launched on bond for being an accessory to the assassination of the President of theUnited States? Between Criminal Minds and also now Homeland, Ben Savage has made a little home industry out of playing Young Mandy Patinkin, hasn’t he? Yet did it kind of mess up the significant tone of the recalls to hear Patinkin’s voice plainly referred to as over Savage’s acting? 4|Is Run’s Billy some type of sociopath?

Why would certainly he mess with Ruby’s bank card? And also did the closing of Episode 2 sneak you out a bit? 5|Was it strange that Outlander’s Roger appeared to have recovered his voice completely, except for when it mattered most? And was the buffalo case one of the most outright use bad greenscreen in current memory?

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203″srcset=” 300w, 600w, 200w” dimensions=” (max-width: 300px )100vw, 300px “> 6|For those seeingThe Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, just how much did you tremble throughout Chris and also Bri’s unplanned love song per other? Could not ABC have sprung for a more enchanting date area than a Guitar Center store? 7|Why is The Baker as well as the Beauty’s Vanessa so intent on winning back a guy

that rejected her marital relationship proposal and also clearly doesn’t desire to be with her? 8|Did all you Vampire Diaries fans value Roswell, New Mexico’s Alex asking Travis(played by guest star David Anders) if his ring maintains him from burning up in the daytime? 9|If Better Call Saul ‘s Gus Fring really wanted Lalo dead, why didn’t he send out the ever-reliable Mike Ehrmantraut to ensure the job obtained done the proper way?Legends of Tomorrow Supernatural Impala< img data-attachment-id="1189212" data-permalink =" "data-orig-file =""data-orig-size="619,420"data-comments-opened=" 1"data-image-meta=""data-image-title=" legends-of-tomorrow-supernatural-impala-weapons "data-image-description data-medium-file= ""data-large-file=""class= "alignright wp-image-1189212 "src ="" alt="Legends of

Tomorrow Supernatural Impala” size=”300 “elevation= “203 “srcset=” 300w, 598w, 200w”sizes =”( max-width: 300px )100vw, 300px” > 10|On Legends of Tomorrow, wouldn’t the Supernatural tools props that Sara got from the Impala have been phony and useless?

11 | To TVLine visitor Pat’s factor, why would certainly The Flash’s Iris presume that long-isolated Eva would recognize of the city’s speedster superhero? Specifically if Iris is uninformed of her brand-new good friend’s secret capacity to connect with the outdoors? 12|While we wait on Empire’s initial series ending to(most likely never ever)see the light of day, that do you believe shot Lucious as well as blew of Cookie’s vehicle in the unsettled flash-forward enigma? 13|Is S.W.A.T.’s Hondo TV’s worst sweetheart? Go over! Did you suspect/were you hoping that Bonnie had seen/picked up the engagement ring after the

shootout, and that’s why she appeared shook to Tan? 14|Survivor’s Tony had an outstanding couple of days, but is it even from another location feasible for him to reach the end? And exactly how shocked were you by Sophie’s blindside? 15|Regarding ABC’s flatlining

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? reboot, would certainly setting up a time limit for each and every concern inject a lot-required power into the procedures? 16|Let us obtain this straight: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as New York City were all at Fashion Week at the exact same time, yet Bravo did n’t believe to provide us a solitary crossover moment?! 17|What is going on in this Tommy photo, of Blake with Mayor Gray? Are they spooning throughout the width of the bed? Alongside the padded head board?! How does that also function? 18|What did Better Things’Duke murmur into her daddy’s ear? Will Xander ever before come to be a much more long-term component in his children’lives? 19|SVU kinda has to obtain Ian McShane back following period for Sir Toby’s

actual test, right? 20 |. Did Will & Grace’s(second) series ending feel even more like a”see you later on”than a full-on”bye-bye”? As well as is that because all of us understand this show is bound to get rebooted yet once more in 20 years, this moment with more of a Golden Girls ambiance? 21|Did Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amy birth the biggest newborn you’ve ever seen? And were any type of Chuck fans enjoying Holt and also Terry dancing to Salt-N-Pepa’s”Push It”instantly reminded of this Jeffster performance?

22 | Is actually the only drawback to the Parks and also Recreation reunion special that it’s only a half hour? As well as do you think Leslie will fail to remember to sign in with Jerry?

Strike the comments with your solutions– and also any kind of various other Qs you care to share!