Survivor Recap: The Exes Go to War, While [Spoiler] Raises the White Flag

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It’s #WhiteRiceWednesday again, however truthfully, we’re still drunk by recently’s electric double vote-off. Parvati as well as Sandra’s lanterns (as well as video games) were snuffed, while Denise stepped up as a prospective follower to the Queen’s throne. Utilizing Sandra’s very own idolizer to knock her out was a power step for the record books in a period that’s swiftly rising in the Survivor Hall of Fame rankings. We are below for it, and Denise, we stan.

LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE |Parvati is offering the staff the run-through of her exit when Sandra walks in with an even far better tale. After Sandra gives them the warm gos’, she shocks the Edge staff by claiming she’s outta here. “I’m not great at the challenges, everyone knows that. I feel I would certainly be wasting my time,” she says. As well as with that, Sandra elevates the flag as well as sails off towards her Survivor retirement. As long, Queen.

Wendell as well as Michele speak about not wishing to wreak havoc at tribal, but it does not take wish for Wendell to obtain pissy. “How the heck do you move on with someone like that?” Michele asks Yul, that’s discovered the various ways Wendell speaks with Michele. Michele states she does not intend to move forward with moody Wendell nevertheless, even though she did give him among Parv’s fire tokens as a peace offering.

THE EDGE|”Everyday’s a fight,” claims Ethan, who’s struggling to remind himself why he’s there. “It’s dismaying. I feel defeated,” he says, but he’s searching for positive side. Ethan informs Parvati that he’s stressed the fasting will provide cancer an opportunity to grow back within him. He claims he considers drawing the flag, but he’s not mosting likely to.

The team gets an idea that informs them 4 fire symbols are hidden and quickly, the race gets on. Rob gets to the top of the hill initially, but it’s Tyson that discovers the first token. No one can discover the others since Rob got 3 before they even got up capital. He (obviously) exists, and tells the gang he didn’t locate any kind of.

DAKAL BEACH|Tony’s happy that Denise made a massive move. Not only did she do his dirty work, yet she made herself a target in one dropped swoop, he states. Jeremy, nonetheless, still thinks Tony is the larger danger. Denise speak with Kim concerning solidifying a threesome with Jeremy, as well as Kim, wishing to strengthen a prepare for the combine, is down to clown.

SELE BEACH|Adam and Ben are restless regarding a possible immunity idolizer, not recognizing that Sophie already snagged it. Ben starts to hop on Adam’s last nerve, and also truthfully, he’s gotten on mine for weeks (JUSTICE FOR CHRISSY). Adam is persuaded that Sarah has the idolizer, which Sophie after that informs her. The foursome accuses each other of having it, before making a decision to squash the squabble.

RESISTANCE IS NOW UP FOR GRABS|For the challenge, the people need to carry a large saucer to a water source, load it and clear it into a well. When enough water is loaded, they’ll obtain challenge pieces, aaand… you recognize the drill. The dish is difficult, so every little move causes water to splash out. Yara has the ability to get their challenge pieces in one run, which places them in the lead, however the various other tribes aren’t far behind. Thanks to Sophie, the Puzzle Guru, Yara comes to be the initial people to win resistance. Dakal comes to be the second immune tribe, defeating Sele by actual secs. Resembles this Michele/Wendell drama is about to play out on a phase. This island does not seem huge enough for the both of them.

SELE BEACH|Nick condemns Wendell for the loss, as well as with Yul, both decide they’re composing the Ghost Island winner’s name down. Regardless of their drama, Wendell and Michele say they’re electing with each other, but will that really take place? His smarts begin to stress Nick when Yul rolls out a plan to safeguard as well as attempt Wendell’s fire tokens. Michele as well as Nick talk about possibly reducing Yul, yet Michele does not want to obtain burned by Wendell again.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN |Jeff grills Yul regarding being the only traditional player left in the game; Yul states this video game is “three-notches” above the video game he played on Cook Islands. Yul then plans aloud concerning the fire tokens, which does nothing yet show the group how smart he is. Wendell after that makes it extremely clear he doesn’t want to work with Michele, and she’s not having it. “I do not understand just how I can potentially deal with that,” she states. “It’s not fans paradise going on here.” It’s time to elect and Wendell votes Yul, while Michelle composes her ex lover’s name. Jeff tallies the votes and also when all is claimed and done, Yul is sent out to the Edge. On his way out, he gives one fire token to Sophie and also one to Sarah.

Did the appropriate individual obtain the boot tonight? Were you stunned Sandra elevated the flag? Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments listed below!

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