The 100 Boss Addresses [Spoiler]’s Disappearance in Final Season Premiere: ‘We Will See Him Again’

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The 100 kicked off its take-no-prisoners final season on Wednesday by … taking a detainee. A large one, actually. Picking up where last summer’s eruptive cliffhanger ended, the premiere started with a hopeless Bellamy yelling for Octavia, only to get knocked unconscious and also taken away by an unseen adversary. Therefore, the initial of Season 7’s lots of enigmas was hatched: Where is Bellamy? His disappearance is”mosting likely to play a significant role in the period,”showrunner

Jason Rothenberg informs TVLine.” It’s the secret individuals are trying to address. It’s things that’s mosting likely to be driving many of our personalities this period– to discover him as well as hopefully save him.”As well as while he guarantees that”we will certainly see him once more,” Rothenberg also makes clear,” Bob [Morley] asked to take some time off this season, and we honored that. We had the ability to compose around it. “Hope was initially hesitant to join Echo and Gabriel’s search party, but there’s

absolutely nothing like discovering a note buried in your arm that claims” trust Bellamy” to make you transform your mind.(I seem like we were all born with that note in our arms, yet I’ll save that conversation for an additional day.)The unlikely trio established a trap for their invisible opponents, and also after sustaining a quick hallucination(hi, Roan!), they went into the Anomaly together to discover Bellamy. And also if you took pleasure in that little Zach McGowan cameo, you’ll be extremely happy about this:”We like to honor our past as well as not

fail to remember characters that have actually come in the past, “Rothenberg says.”No one ever before truly comes back from the dead in The 100, yet we discover methods to work with stars that we love and characters that we love once more. This season is no exemption. “(It’s possibly too much to hope for one last glimpse of Finn, however I can fantasize. Come on, dat hair!)As we discovered, the situation at Sanctum wasn’t better. Certain, Clarke and her chums reach live in a lovable little farmhouse– exactly how strange is it to see them casually sipping tea on a patio swing, incidentally?– yet their lives are a mess. Murphy is tired of imitating a Prime, Clarke is burying exactly how she really feels concerning Abby’s fatality as well as, as Raven keeps in mind out, there’s a”loose cannon “circumstance brewing in between Wonkru, individuals of Sanctum, the Children of Gabriel and the newly stired up Eligius convicts. Clarke invested a lot of Wednesday’s premiere trying to keep the tranquility at Sanctum, but the growing sobs for Russell’s implementation made that a progressively difficult task.

She managed to keep her cool for the majority of the hr, however when Russell handed her Abby’s necklace as a memento, she entirely lost control, pounding the Prime with her fiery clenched fists of fierceness. “That was the straw that damaged the camel’s back, “Rothenberg claims. “Clarke has actually not been reacting emotionally to the death of her mommy … and suddenly it collapses down on her. She’s trying to keep Sanctum together. That’s her mission as well as she’s going

to do it. Yet her good friends are taking a look at her like,’ It’s ALRIGHT to regret. You shed your mother.’We realize at the end that it has actually been eating away at her, and it comes bursting out. She is fantastic in that scene– and also in the scene that follows it on the veranda. I believe she squashed that, as well. There was an applause on established when she did that.” It was during that effective speech that Clarke declared her objectives to all of Sanctum: “There are no kings or queens or Primes here. We have no usage for a royal residence. We are the last of the mankind, as well as we’ve all made mistakes. Tomorrow, Russell Prime dies for his.”

Little bit does she recognize, the Dark Commander(aka Sheidheda)has actually taken control of Russell’s body … and also he’s obtained huge plans. “Sheidhea wants power,” Rothenberg claims. “He wants to remain in control and also take his position on the throne. And there’s a palace at Sanctum, to ensure that fits his schedule fairly perfectly. That drives his schedule moving on. We don’t do this extremely often where the audience understands something ahead of the characters, yet we have some enjoyable with that for a couple of episodes this period. “Your ideas on The 100’s final period premiere, from Morley’s expert break to Clarke’s emotional one? Quality the episode in our survey below, after that go down a comment with your full testimonial. Take Our Poll