Things About Harry Review: Freeform’s Belated Gay Valentine Is Heartwarming, If Not Groundbreaking

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First points initially: You would certainly have to be one seriously hardhearted bastard not to love The Thing About Harry, Freeform’s belated gay Valentine (premiering Saturday, Feb. 15, at 8/7c ). Its leads– Grey’s Anatomy’s Schmitt, Jake Borelli, as well as newbie Niko Terho– have chemistry for days. The script, co-written by supervisor and also co-star Peter Paige(Good Trouble), goes down as quickly as a box of chocolates. Uncommon is the bestie/wingwoman who’s as appealing as Britt Baron(GLOW). And the film’s “Will they or wo n’t they?”moments are way extra loaded than they have any type of right to be.(Will they or won’t they? Of freaking program they will!)That said, Harry is a classic romcom for both much better and also even worse. As soon as smartypants Sam(Borelli, obstructs if not miles from Grey’s nebbishy Glasses )is forced to reconnect with his now-out previous high-school bully Harry(Terho, wielding his misaligned smile like a deadly weapon), there’s little no doubt that these revers will not just draw in yet find that they were never actually opposites to begin with. Reinventing the wheel, Harry ain’t. The movie takes place to run out an entire lotta the style’s clichés (right down to the tried-and-true “You’ve got an eyelash on your cheek” bit). As well as it even more stabilizes the lookism that gave Love, Simon its undesirable aftertaste.

the-thing-about-harry-review freeform gay movie valentine But to quibble with Harry, when it sticks at the very least the initial of its two landings and left also this hardhearted bastard misty-eyed, feels like the matching of stating that if love isn’t perfect, it isn’t worth it. It is worth it. As well as in an age when the broadcast of a gay couple’s kiss can still somehow be “considered questionable,” a movie like this isn’t simply charming, enjoyable and swoon-inducing, it’s crucial.

THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE: Like Sam, you may intend to resist Harry. The thing is, you’re not mosting likely to be able to. It’s as delightful as it is foreseeable.

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