Too Hot to Handle Left Me Cold: Here’s Why Netflix’s Dating Experiment Failed

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Warning: This blog post includes spoilers for all eight episodes of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

Let me state this upfront: I am a certified dating show addict. I see The Bachelor— and also The Bachelorette. I took pleasure in Love Is Blind. I also view trashier price like Temptation Island. (Speaking of which: Where is Season 3, USA?) When I first heard about Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle and also its evil-genius idea– warm songs are blended away to an exotic location, yet they can not have any sex-related contact with each various other or they’ll lose prize money– I believed it would certainly be right up my alley. Hey, who could not make use of a little brainless enjoyment now?

And now that I’ve watched all 8 episodes, I’m left feeling similar to the show’s pent-up contestants: a bit dissatisfied. As well Hot has an awesome facility, to ensure, yet the program handled to stumble it away with a variety of unadvised production options. The outcome is not nearly as enjoyable as it should’ve been: a crushingly frustrating missed out on possibility. (I say this with all due regard to my well-regarded associate Andy Swift, that shares my love of dreadful truth TELEVISION and also who provided Too Hot a favorable evaluation. We’ll constantly have Vanderpump Rules.)

To highlight exactly how Too Hot to Handle left me cold, below are 4 major reasons why the dating experiment simply really did not benefit me:

1. The cash prize was also low.

This was a major mistake right out of eviction: This show is asking 10 attractive songs to keep their hands off of each various other … and also only offering them a combined prize of $100,000? Also if they were outright angels, without any cash taken away, they ‘d only walk away with 10 grand each, or regarding half that after taxes. Hell, the tropical vacation they’re on is worth more than that. To actually up the risks, Netflix should’ve installed a minimum of half a million, so the gamers would certainly start seeing dollar indications as well as switch on each other when the violations begin piling up. With the reward so low, the participants just seemed to shrug off each other’s indiscretions, really did not they? (Well, with the exception of Kelz, aka “The Accountant.”)

Too Hot To Handle Netflix 2. The regulations were arbitrary and complex. Yes, Too Hot to Handle’s preliminary principle is a reality TV accomplishment, but after that they went as well as bungled the implementation by never ever establishing the guideline. Would the candidates all be splitting the prize money, or would there be one winner? How much cash money did each infraction price? The participants really did not understand, and also neither did we. The troublesome set of Francesca as well as Haley tried to mix up difficulty by kissing and not informing anyone … yet after that the all-seeing digital tattletale Lana just ratted them out anyway!(Keeping all lawbreakers confidential would certainly’ve been an intriguing wrinkle, in fact, but alas.)Contestants got here and also left without any rhyme or reason. By the anticlimactic finale, which saw each staying candidate called a”winner”and granted an equivalent split of 75 grand, we type of desired Lana would certainly’ve been turned off from the

beginning so the entrants can simply jump off each various other without constraints. (More on that in a sec.

)3. The contestants were frustrating … also for dating show entrants. In truth TV, casting is everything, and also Too Hot to Handle stumbled severely here, assembling one of the least likeable groups of contestants I’ve seen in years. You know how on a period of The Bachelor, one entrant might be classified “the dumb one”? Well, on Too Hot to Handle, they were all “the foolish one.” And also, some were strongly bitchy (Haley), some were aggressively unappealing (Bryce), and some were aggressively self-involved. (Hi, Francesca!) I really did not also like the narrator, whose pseudo-snarky comments were an unlike the wit as well as knowledge of Love Island UK‘s Iain Sterling. When you do not like any one of the contestants, it’s difficult to favor them to locate love or to win money– not that any one of them went residence with much of either. Which leads me to …

4. The love and demonstrations of “development “were contrived. Look, I’m eager to suspend my shock a looooot when it comes to reality TV love– once again, I watch The Bachelor– but also I didn’t obtain suckered in by Francesca and also Harry apparently dropping in “love.”( I actually really did not think a single word that appeared of Francesca’s plumped lips, to be fair.) Rhonda and also Sharron’s love was hardly anymore possible, primarily since Sharron’s “development” occurred at far also rapid a rate. This program tells us these are all just mindless sex machines … and also then tries to inform us they’ve all amazingly advanced in just a few weeks, after a couple of stupid self-realization workshops? Nah, denying it. As well as nobody else also attempted to invent a real connection. What was the point of all this self-denial, if no sustainable partnerships appeared of it?

The good news is: There’s currently a TV show a lot like Too Hot to Handle, however without any of the Lana rubbish. It’s called Love Island UK, it’s a foamy summer season joy, and there are six complete periods offered to stream right now on Hulu, in situation you were questioning. (Just activate the captions so you can catch all the distinctly British slang.) Too Hot to Handle coldly duped its style, to the annoyingly close sleeping arrangements, but Love Island has a wacky charm that Too Hot failed to reproduce. (And when they spring arbitrary regulation adjustments on the entrants, it in fact makes the program much better!) So if you’re like me as well as you never ever heated to Too Hot to Handle, at least you recognize there’s one more island packed with hot songs available waiting to cure your quarantine blues.

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