TV’s Best Bottle Episodes for When You, Too, Are Stuck in One Spot

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Bottle episodes are self-contained TV installments that do not stray far from one set or area. As well as provided today’s events, there’s a good chance that you seem like you’re starring in a bottle episode of your very own.

The Coronavirus has forced much of us to hole up in our houses in an attempt to slow down the illness’ spread. If you’re involving in a little social distancing for the greater excellent, thank you! You’re part of the option, and also we applaud you.

Yet we also know exactly how quickly those wall surfaces can begin to seem like they’re closing in. To deal with that claustrophobic sensation, we thought we would certainly remind you of 20 times when staying in one place turned out kinda outstanding.

To that end: The gallery at right includes our picks for the best bottle episodes TV has ever aired. Our choices include, among others, a Battlestar Galactica quarrel, a Frasier dinner event, a Family Guy treatment session and also a Friends personality who could not be using more clothing.

For the objectives of this gallery, we picked episodes that basically kept the activity on one set. “But that Game of Thrones one takes place all over Winterfell!” you cry?Correct! In these hand-sanitizer-scented times, how about we all reduced each various other a little slack?

Click the gallery above– or go to it straight below– to see which bottle episodes made our checklist. Then hit the remarks to inform us concerning your favorites. As well as remain risk-free, every person!

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