Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Recap: You’ve Got a Friend in Me …?

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After hitting the time out button on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist for more than a month, NBC welcomed back its quirky musical dramedy on Sunday evening. However if the respite left you a bit fuzzy on the details of Zoey’s‘ collection best, allow Zoey herself to capture you up on what happened after she began listening to people’s innermost thoughts in tune:

“Because of whatever this new capability is, I uncovered that all the designers at the office dislike me,” she tells neighbor Mo during Sunday’s episode. “On the other hand, I had the ability to connect with my papa once more, and bond with my office crush. On the other hand, my workplace crush has a future wife, and also my best friend is in love with me. Or at the very least assumes he’s in love with me.”

So, Zoey’s kinda undergoing something now– and also she wishes to locate some means to manage her new power ASAP, seeing as these unscripted musical numbers have a tendency to happen at the worst times. Just as Zoey is leading her initial conference as SPRQ Point’s brand-new manager of design, her associate and also ideal pal Max validates that he’s certainly crazy with her through a cover of the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker.” There’s even some sexy dance steps! However by the time the track ends and also Zoey returns to truth, she’s been sufficiently sidetracked, and the meeting comes to an unpleasant, sudden end.

Making matters worse? Zoey has a quite bad response to the news that Max is into her– which, naturally, Max doesn’t know that Zoey recognizes. So when Max welcomes Zoey to dinner at Hand-Picked, a farm-to-table restaurant that they’ve wished to try for months, Zoey gets nervous that he’ll view it as an actual day, as well as she does not go. Instead, she exists that she has a family members dedication and also sets him up with Autumn, a barista at their preferred coffee place. (Max is extremely pleased that Autumn understands his coffee order by heart … which I ‘d locate a little bit a lot more enchanting if his order were complicated, as well as not essentially black coffee.)

When Max faces Zoey concerning her strange behavior, she chalks it up to her new position as his employer, insisting that they need to have boundaries if she’s mosting likely to be his supervisor. But the conversation gets even more warmed and stressful as it goes on, as well as they wind up in a full-blown battle. It isn’t until later on, when Max drops off some butterscotch pudding for Zoey’s dad to attempt, that they lastly comprise; Zoey recognizes that she really did not handle their new work dynamic well, as well as he appears to admit that supper at Hand-Picked wasn’t as fun without Zoey there. After they settle their battle, Max goes into the living space to pay Zoey’s dad a see, as well as she sees with a smile on her face as Max sweetly jokes around with Mitch. (Meanwhile, Max and Autumn appear to really hit it off, and Zoey snoops them on a coffee date at the end of the hour.)

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